Digidesign 002r Mods

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Stock Digidesign LE Hardware or Monster Recording Interface? Who Else Wants “The Sound” Of A $20,000 High Definition System For A Fraction Of The Cost?

With our powerful upgrade package, you can SUBSTANTIALLY improve the performance of your Digi 002 rack at an extremely affordable price…

*A 50% down payment will be collected during checkout. The remainder 50% will be due when the modification is complete. You will receive a confirmation email with your scheduled mod date after we receive your down payment. The interface is not included in the mod price. Please click on the “Disclaimer & Warranty” tab below for more information on how to schedule a mod.

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“We have a customer in Milwaukee that did some tracking for a major label R&B release. The label paired him with a multi-million dollar facility in Reno, Nevada to handle mix-down. When the mix-down studio guys heard the tracks, they were so impressed that they asked our customer about his recording setup.  He told them what he was using but they refused to believe him.  The owner of the studio actually flew to Milwaukee just to see our customer’s setup: one of our Signature Series 003R’s and two of our Auteur preamps.  He was furious when he saw it, because he said it sounded as good as his million dollar system yet it cost so much less.  We think that says a lot about not only the state of our industry, but also about what we’re doing as a company.” – Black Lion Audio

Forget what you thought you knew about digital audio!  As a multi-channel recording system, we feel that the Signature Series is not only unparalleled in price, it’s also extremely difficult to surpass in terms of performance. Here’s why…



The analog section of the circuitry is the path that the signal travels through before and after the converter stages.  This includes the mic preamps, line inputs, headphone output, and line outputs.  Improving the performance of these circuits improves sound quality by reducing noise and improving transient response (the audio sounds more detailed).  We’re fans of Burr Brown’s OPA4134, and we substitute those for the TL074 op-amps used in the mic preamp and line inputs.  We’re able to reduce analog stage noise created by the 002R’s phantom power circuitry as well as reducing the RF noise created by the stock switching power supply.  These modifications result in a cleaner signal, with much more high end definition.


Basically, the master clock generates the signal that tells the converter when to trigger. The more accurate the clock signal, the more ‘realistic’ or ‘defined’ the converted audio signal will be.  We install a high quality master clock to improve overall system response. This is a benefit that you can hear with your ears because a very accurate clock will create a very defined audio image with precise instrument placement.  In spite of the fact that we’re working in the digital realm, the clock is an analog signal: it’s a square wave, and square waves have quite a few harmonics. Ideally, all of these harmonics should be mathematically related to each other (exponents of the fundamental).  If the clock has harmonics that are not mathematically related, these harmonics will create an undesirable interference during conversion.  Often, this undesirable interference will be heard as distortion components in the high and low frequencies of the audio signal. It will create phase cancellations during conversion, causing the audio to take on a limp quality, with an apparent loss of volume.

Our internal clock is incredibly accurate and very low in unwanted harmonics; delta sigma averaging methods place the amount of unwanted signal content at less than 10 picoseconds.  The improved clock we install will give you improved signal clarity, fuller harmonic extension of the instrument you are tracking, an apparent increase in volume over the stock design (because of lower phase cancellations), and pinpoint image placement during mix-down.  This upgrade alone brings the stock rack to a level of performance that rivals or exceeds digital audio systems costing thousands more.


The Signature Series clock takes our standard clock upgrade to an entirely new dimension.  Our new internal master clock is, hands down, the most advanced master clock in pro audio today.  So not only do you get all of the benefits of pinpoint imaging, signal clarity, and harmonic extension, but you also get something unusual for digital audio: a beefy, yet nuanced quality.  Your audio will be thick, rich and highly detailed with this breakthrough master clock upgrade.  Not only does it feature our field tested and proven third order crystal oscillators, it has an astonishingly low 1 picosecond of intrinsic jitter measured using a delta sigma average!  Our proprietary noise suppression technology reduces RF and switching noise to a bare minimum, ensuring smooth high frequency response in the audio band.  Dual high current signal driver stages are used to deliver the clock signal into galvanic-isolated 75 ohm terminations, drastically limiting transmission line reflections normally found in multi-channel digital systems.  What does all of this mean?  Digital audio so articulated, fat and rich it has to be heard to be believed. In a word, it sounds “expensive.”


The A/D and D/A circuitry configuration on stock 002R units generates excessive distortion and phase cancellation during the conversion process.  Converters generate a LOT of noise when they do their work, and are very sensitive to their power sources.  The reason noise is created is that they have to move a lot of current, and lots of current movement means lots of electrons moving.  When those electrons move, they generate a sort of “mechanical” noise.  This ‘mechanical’ noise actually creates harmonics that travel within the power supply and digital signal path, and these harmonics have all sorts of adverse effects. One thing that they do is reduce the amount of bit-depth that the converter is capable of achieving in its real-world performance.  In its stock form, the 002R’s converters are very poorly decoupled using low-grade ceramic capacitors.  Instead of actually removing noise, they create resonant harmonics and make the problem worse.  By properly “decoupling,” we help remove or reduce this noise and its resulting aftereffects, leaving you with clear, crisp audio.


By using a low-emission toroid transformer to power the analog and digital stages separately, we improve the overall character of your sound dramatically.  This upgrade completely eliminates the power supply as a source of crosstalk between the analog and digital circuitry.  And if that were not enough, check this out: You know how a tube guitar amp sounds ‘bigger’ than a solid state guitar amp?  There’s one reason for that: headroom.  This upgrade process increases the analog stage headroom, giving your audio more definition, more “heft,” and much more “presence.”

XB Mod

The XB Mod is the result of squeezing as much fidelity out of the Digi as we could after finding even more ways of improving the sound over the Signature Mod. It was originally developed for Tony Maserati, and is based on the venerable XB internal clock, which is a lower jitter word clock than the Tweak Head or Signature clocks. In addition to the Signature Mod, the XB Mod includes audiophile A/D/A converter decoupling, proprietary op-amp decoupling on every analog input/output, ferrite power filtration, proprietary analog stage power decoupling, and the internal XB word clock. There are very few audio interfaces on the market that can hold a candle to the sound of the XB Mod! Prepare to be absolutely blown away!

Our upgrade packages are, dollar for dollar, one of the most dramatic improvements you can do to your 002 Rack.  If you were to purchase a ProTools HD rig, you could easily end up spending $20,000.00 by the end of the day.THE ABSOLUTE BEST VALUE IN PRO AUDIO!

Of all the gear you could spend your hard-earned money on, we promise you this modification will leave you with a smile, every time you crank up your system.  It’s so powerful, and so dramatic, it’s simply a “no-brainer.”

Our modifications come at a fraction of the price, and are in use by some of the top facilities and sound engineers in the world, such as SDI Media, The Los Angeles Opera, Audio Ease (AltiVerb Impulse Times were tracked on a Signature Series 002), Mattel, Disney, Fox Sports, Sony Scoring, and many more…

And remember, these are practices that aren’t used by any other manufacturer.  We’ve found them to yield sonic improvements that rival the most expensive conversion systems available in pro audio today!


Sonic Quality

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Digidesign 002r Tweak Head Bars-for-Ratings-Page_Smaller_292
Digidesign 002r Signature Bars-for-Ratings-Page_Smaller_318
Digidesign 002r XB Bars-for-Ratings-Page_Smaller_330

The scale is from 1-10, with “1” being unimpressive audio quality and “10” being true audio excellence. This is an exponential scale, so going from “1” to “2” isn’t nearly as big of a jump as going from “9” to “10”.




“Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I continue to love the Signature modification to my 002 Rack. Being able to hear clearly every instrument throughout the entire frequency range, well, it just makes the stereo image come alive. Mixing is fun again! Not just that, but all my virtual instruments have taken on a life of their own.

Having done some voice-over tracks, along with lead and background vocals during my last session using an OktavaMod modified Apex 205 ribbon mic, a BLA Auteur, coupled with my best tube condenser, the value of the 002 Signature modification became even more apparent. I only had to add slight compression, a little low-end roll off, and a touch of reverb, and voila!!! The lead and background vocals are simply perfect with very little mixing! The rough mix of the last tune actually sounds as good or better than some of my previous final mixes, simply because I can hear things more clearly now, and the tracks are so life-like…

The two things I can comment on with unbridled certainty is the clarity and focus in the lows and highs. The lows simply breathe, and the highs are ultra-crisp and full of detail. Even in my sub-par acoustically treated control room, I hear things that I’ve never heard before from my monitors. I’m simply astounded.

If anyone is reading this and is thinking of putting the money down for an 002 / 003 Rack setup, I would highly recommend putting the extra money into a modified 002 / 003 unit. It’s as if you’re taking that old analog television set and turning it into a “hi-def” unit. You will notice the difference…

Thanks, BLA, for a wonderful addition and change to my setup. You’ve made my ears happy and mixing enjoyable again!”

– Chuck Hutcheson, Doghouse Studios, GA


“So, I got my Signature Series modification back yesterday… I recall about 3-4 times where, during the course of making some test runs, an uncontrollable grin took hold of my face. I’m so proud of the unit it’s not even funny.

…I pulled up Xpand 2 and played some patches… there was detail there I simply could not hear prior to getting the modification. Then, I played my Classic Korg Triton though the preamps… Man! I had abandoned my Triton for the most part long ago for software like Xpand, Reason, NI, etc., but the mod has breathed life back into it and renewed my interest in building patches for it (Cause the stock sounds still suck balls for the most part).

Detail, detail, detail! It’s there in spades now! Also, I noticed before the mod, as the volume increased, the image got fuzzier. Sources started to blur together. Not sure how else to explain it. At one point while testing the mod, I cranked the volume for a second and was pleased to hear…DETAIL! Lows, mids, highs, reverb tails, delays, chorus… You name it, it’s there in high definition.

With the improved D/A, I’m expecting to cut down on re-work, resulting from checking mixes in other playback systems, considerably. This mod gives me the tools to make the ‘correct’ mix decisions the first time. Less time checking mixes means more time for new work!

The new preamps/analog components are great! A 1000x better than what I had before… They are, how you say in America? Silky smooth? Yes, silky smooth!

I listened to [a previous mix] when I got the unit back and immediately saw/heard where I had made EQ mistakes while trying to improve separation, among others. I bounced what I [had just done] and compared it to what I had done before on my home stereo, mobile phone ear buds, and PC speakers. I did a much better job the second time around and it was thanks to the ability to hear what actually going on in the song more accurately. As expected, my work translates better now.

One more thing… The BASS! Man, the bass! It’s ‘there’! I had been missing it so much before I was taken back hearing it come out of the modded 002R like that.”

– Tha Govna, Audio Engineer/Producer/Artist/Overall Fantastic Bastard


“I’ve waited and been patient to make time tested assessments before making any comments concerning the Signature Series Modification. Years ago; I began with a 001, eventually traded it in to Digidesign and moved up to the 002. After finding out about BLA, via the internet, I embarked on a journey starting with the: Basic Mod, and worked my way through each successive mod thereafter. With each one, I noticed significant improvements, and never regretted any [of] them.

Now that I’ve had my 002 with the S.S.M. for some time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with it and hear what it can do. Amazing! This thing truly is a completely difference machine now that you’ve transformed it! I suppose it’s somewhat easy to be biased when you support someone or something that you’ve come to trust and respect. In my book, those things are earned, and I’ve never had a bad experience with your company, or your work; period!

Having said that, part of the real proof in the pudding is in the response I’ve received from friends and those that have heard my music. Even those that I know that aren’t musicians have noticed the huge differences in the sonic quality of what I’ve produced with the work you’ve done on my 002! My music sounds like it was recorded on a system much more expensive than what I truly have over here. I know I certainly can’t afford to spend exorbitant amounts of money on some HD system that would leave me broke and in debt at that! I could go into detail about all the differences your modifications have made, but I feel that what I’ve already said speaks volumes!!!

BLA was a God-send for me. Not only are your prices more than fair, but what is offered far supersedes what one has to pay in comparison to what they receive. It’s been a pleasure dealing with BLA and know that you’ll always have a customer for life with me! BLA ROCKS!”

– Scott A. Stano


“I want to thank you and your staff at Black Lion Audio for playing a big part in the 5 star review I received from Recording Magazine this week. When you first asked me how I liked the mod to my 002R I was overwhelmed by all the upgrades I had just installed and did not appreciate the full impact of the work you did. Obviously I now hear a huge improvement in my recordings. The BLA 002R is a big player in my rig. Thanks again!”

– Charlie Gaspadarek, Owner/Engineer, Fox River Recording, St. Charles, IL


“So once again I am overly pleased to say the least from the upgrade of the TweakHead to the Sig Mod… I’ve had the unit back for about a month now & I’ve been tracking a bit & mostly mixing for a new EMI artist “Sheri Jones Moffett” & also Vickie Winans which both records I produced & tracked, and in mixing [is] where I have really noticed a difference from the TweakHead to the Sig Mod… another Thanks to you guys…”

– Marque Walker, aka ”KEYBEEETSSS” Memphis, TN


“On the Pro (Plus) side I list: The really magnificent mike pres, the more stable soundscape, better headroom, and I also state that the machine now sounds really expensive.

The Signature Modification from Black Lion Audio means that so many alterations are being made, that not very much of the original electronics remain. This also manifests itself in the totally different sound-impression that you get from the machine. It sounds very expensive to my ears.

Someone might ask: isn’t expensive just what this modification is? Well, if you take into consideration the amount of money you would have to pay for a new external Clock of this caliber, and how much four really good preamps, plus eight excellent A/D and D/A converts would add to the price-tag, the comparison would be more reasonable.

Since I do most of my audio-work using my Mac Book Pro I need a really good firewire interface. A Digi HD System would neither fit my wallet nor the rest of my audio equipment. With the Signature Modification I get something [that] is very close to HD quality of sound in a fully transportable unit. Simply put: the best of two worlds.

You can find lots of information about the different modifications on the Black Lion Audio website: For instance, there’s a filmed interview where [they] tells us all about [their] mods, and there are lots of different audio clips. From these and from my own recordings, done with the modified Digi 002R, you’ll very easily come to the conclusion that the modifications done by Black Lion Audio are very hard to beat – at any price…. And their T-shirt is absolutely brilliant.”

– Gunnar E Olsson, ManMade Music, Sweden


“Black Lion audio rocks! I own the Signature Series 002R and an Auteur and they are stellar. I have my sights set on the PM8 Summing box and the 192 or 96 when I move up to HD. These guys in Chicago make amazing stuff and their customer service is second to none!”

– Jeremy Johnson


“Just finished up voice over and video of a clip for the American Farriers Journal today using my 002 signature mod (front end was an sm7 mic with a UA LA-610) at 96k. This thing converts on a totally stratospheric level from anything I have ever used. Everyone was just amazed at the end product. Thanks Black Lion Audio!”

– Jon Davis, Argon Sound Production, Odenville, AL


“I was just mixing some analog synths on my [Signature-modded] 002R and was thinking to myself – one day, not too far in the future, all this digital stuff is going to surpass “analog” in every way. And I think one of the reasons that thought came up is because I have a BLA modded 002R. It still surprises me every time I use it.”

– Wouter De Smedt


“Oh man Black Lion Audio 002 Signature Series [will be] my next purchase, just heard one and DAMMNN!!!! Slaughters Apogee AD16x & DA16x at less than half the price of one unit!”

– Jeff Mathews


“Thanks BLA! You guys were awesome to work with… I had a chance to do some simple tracking with the new Signature Series modified 002. Wow! The only way I can sum up the sound now is by saying it sounds real. Everything sounds real! It is not thin, muddy, lacking, as it was before. This is by far the best dollar I ever spent for my studio. I just wish I would have learned about you sooner! You guys rock!”

– James Clark, Pearl Snap Music (Click link to check out their online review.)


“[We] just released a record with Ciara, Lil twist and Tyga all recorded on my Black Lion 002… we shot a video for the 2nd single Monday which features LL cool J, Mike Epps and Diggy Simmons [and was] directed by Brett Ratner… We’re performing the BET awards this year and I’m using my [BLA modded] 002… We’re [also] headlining the BET tour [in July] and Scream tour [in] Sept…”

– Walter Millsap, Conjunction Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA


“I sit here amazed today by the stereo depth and sonic clarity achieved by re-tracking the stereo mix through my Black Lion Audio Signature Series modded Digi 002!! My mixes have never sounded this good before!! …When shooting out the Rosetta 200 and my BLA 002 Sig Mod, I much preferred the 002 Sig. I even prefer it over the AD16X in the main room.”

– Mark A. Brown


“Thank you. I love the sound that I am able to get with my sig 002 and my customers do too.”

– Earl F Smith


“I bought my Signature Series 002r at [retailer name omitted] and I LOVE IT!!!… [Modifying the 002R] helped me improve my business by improving my sound tremendously! My mixes are incredible now, the roundness and clarity is light years better than the previous unit I was using. I work in Nashville as a session player and engineer for Dale Morris Productions and the Tracking Room Studio. I’m a former member of TOTO, have toured with and recorded with George Jones, Lee Greenwood, Dobie Gray, Jerry Springer, Mickey Gilley, Deborah Allen, David Frizzell and many others… This machine is wonderful!!!!”

– Buddy Hyatt


“So my first session with the modded 002 back went great! I am truly amazed with the clarity of the sound as opposed to the older muddier tone had. Did some simple, quick mixes (which is much easier now with how everything seems to sit exactly where you set it without the getting lost in the center main mix from past experiences and gripes) and one of the guys in the band played it for a friend of his in LA at a top studio and his first response was “you did this in HD, huh? Sounds great.” …incredible. You delivered on your product and I am grateful for this. I am very pleased and so are my friends who have definitely heard the difference. We now have a great resource to create the best sounding music that we can. Thanks again for your work. I am very pleased.”

– Peter Bartsocas


“I contacted you guys to do a Signature mod on my 002R, specifically for a record gig that I had coming up in April here in Vegas… Anyway the ‘artist’ is finally getting around to mixing the show, he sent me an email and I thought I would share it with you guys:

‘Yo again,

Soooo I’m starting work on my concert CD soon. Brought it into a studio here in NYC, an amazing engineer who happens to record all of the stuff for Sesame Street along with many other shows. He is also Bruce Hornsby’s guitarist, etc… Anyway, he listened to the concert on the Hard Drive for about 15 minutes. Just sorta skipping around. He turns to me and says, ‘Dude, whoever recorded this thing for you is a genius. This sounds like you guys went into a recording studio and then added an audience later.’ Apparently he gets handed live stuff all the time and he describes it as ‘garbage.’ He said this, strictly from a tech standpoint, was recorded beautifully. So thank you, and mucho props to you.’

I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for doing the mod, It really makes my work sound better than all the rest. Thanks again, your guy’s work is legendary!”

– Greg Jensen, Las Vegas, freelance engineer


“Upon receiving my modified 002R I had 2 pending mastering works for different artists; I was immediately blown away by the clarity, definition on the high end, the powerful and zero muddiness on the low end. No more HD… Let’s go for the modified 002R… It just sounds very expensive! I wanted to share with you my clients’ comments after I did their mastering with my new 002 mod:

– Juan Rivera (latin singer): ‘The best sound I’ve had in my whole career.’


Pedro Bader (Argentinian Producer): ‘The way you’re mastering fixed the definition, color and clarity of the original mixes cannot be described in words, this is the best sound I’ve ever gotten.’

Proud of Black Lion! Keep up the good work guys!”

– Franco Giordani (RIP), Emmy Award and two-time Grammy winning Producer/Engineer

(Joan Sebastian, Pedro Fernández, Jose Jose, Valentin Elizalde, Graciela Beltran, Lupillo Rivera, K-Paz de la Sierra)


“I had to share this with you… I recorded and produced the new record [from] vocalist ‘Vassili K’. We’re based out of Seattle… The richness of the vocals and violins, and bouzoukis… AMAZING!!! Thanks again for the great service!!! You guys truly are good for your word.”

– Yianni “Johnny” Bacolas


“Really feelin my new Signature Modded 002 rack! To say it blows my Mbox outta the atmosphere goes without saying… I was truly blown away. I knew that it was going to sound better as a whole but what really impressed me were the upgraded mic pres. Very big, very detailed, very happy customer… Thanks BLA.”

– Chad Alan Carson


“I prefer my 002 Mod to my AD16X’s!!”

– Mark A. Brown


“This Signature Mod has been one of the best investments I have made in my gear. It has been rock solid for a year now. If you have an 002 and want to really make a upgrade with out diving into to PT HD this is the way to get that sound. No longer do I use Logic Pro (maybe 20% of the time. I have been using Pro Tools 8 and the 002 Black Lion Audio Signature Mod and have no regrets to switching). I don’t use the Apogee stuff much more either. I am very happy and satisfied with this system… Thanks Black Lion.”

– Victor Tarassov, Palm Recording Studio


“A month ago I finished mixing a 6 song demo/EP for a band here in Switzerland. While tracking, I knew that it would ROCK!!! We were all impressed by the sound that we got, especially from the drums and the guitars. The guys in the band were not expecting much from this demo… Last Monday, I received an email from the band saying they got a deal with a label in Canada and that they are ready to record a full-length album now!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! This was my first recording ever that has got a label deal. So, I’m really excited about what will happen next. Thanks again for your great work!!!”

– Martin Bernasconi, dbr Studios, Switzerland


“I had you guys do the Sig Mod to my 002 and was surprised. I do not agree with all of the comments about how great is. I disagree in that I think they did not say enough good about them!! I am LOVING this stuff! Have the Sig Mod and 4 Auteurs. Sick!!… I use the same- TLM49/160A/Auteur into 002 for vocals and it’s incredible! The presence really took me by surprise. So clear and crisp and right there in my face! Did my first real recording and mixing in almost 4 years. A guy I have worked with for a long time said it was probably the best sounding thing I’ve ever recorded! I wasn’t sure what to say about that but it really is. Now if I could go back in time and re-record all of the great bands I worked with in the past!!… Nobody would ever believe I recorded it and mixed it where I did! Nobody! Thanks for the time, thanks for the incredible work and the great gear.”

– Alan Read, Technical Director, Gateway Baptist Church, Irmo, SC


“Wow. Even upgrading from the Tweakhead the Signature Mod sounds amazing! It sounds like the transients are even more lined up than before. Seems a lot wider too.”

– Larry Chaney, (guitarist for Edwin McCain)


“Just writing this email to thank you for the quick turn around on my 002 Signature mod. Customer service was excellent which really impressed me… and then I plugged in and launched Pro Tools. How else can I say HEADROOM!!!!??? Geez guys. Night and Day is the best analogy I can come up with. I immediately noticed that I had room to breathe at every fader. The bottom end tightened up and the highs were much more articulated. Very clean. My snare… you’d swear it was tracked to 2″ and then imported back into my PT session. I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple Auteurs and the PM8 now. I’m highly impressed with your work and can’t wait to run my mixes through the PM8… Now that I’ve tasted what you guys have done for the financially strained audio freak, I need to have more!!! Thanks a million BLA… you guys have brought life back into my project studio!”

– Dave Lockett, Poquoson, VA


“I just received my 002 signature series Mod and it sounds GREAT! I use a BAE Neve 1272 from a vintage Neve and an 1176 compressor in my chain with 2 Neumann U-64 mics. I did some recording with this chain and without my chain straight into the 002 and it’s great either way. Before the Mod it was no comparison and you could barely stand the tone of the 002, but now it is Awesome! Thanks for the great service and the awesome change in the 002. It sounds Huge!”

– Jimmy Mattingly, fiddle player for: Garth Brooks Band, Reba McEntire Band, Dolly Parton, The Grascals


“Received my 002 Rack mod from you guys about 6 months ago…….astonished. Wonderful product that is the best dollar you can spend on an LE rig in my opinion. Just finished tracking a 14 song for Wilmington NC rockers Damona Waits with awesome results.

It is being mixed in Atlanta, GA by industry name Russ Fowler (Stone Temple Pilots)…….and after receiving the ROUGHS from our session he and his assitant COULD NOT BELIEVE that it was done on an LE system. They were absolutely blown away by the sounds from the BLA002……so if you are interested in upgrading your ProTools LE system; please consider the Signature Series mods as they most certainly meet (and in my opinion; EXCEED) the 192 ProTools HD rigs in every way from mic pres to AD conversion. Thanks BLA for making such an amazing product!”

– Worth Weaver, Red Room Recording, Leland NC


“This is a first for me. I’ve never been so pleased with a product or service so much that it moved me to write about it. But I just had to write you guys to say thank you. The Signature Series modification you guys did to my 002R is by far the most significant improvement I’ve made to my studio hands down! The stereo image is exponentially greater and by that I mean WIDE!!! My stereo image went from <<<<>>>> to <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>> !

It just makes giving things their own space much easier. Panning is now a breeze. Another great thing is the CLARITY. Oh my, the highs are bright & airy without being harsh and the lows are so tight and round they punch you in the chest. Another thing I can hear now that I never heard before on the stock 002R are the tails of my reverbs & delays. Before my delays would just echo into mush after the 2nd or 3rd and with the reverbs, the tails and what I call the “walls of the room” were non-existent. It was indeed a guessing game, but not anymore. This is awesome!!! I thank you guys at Black Lion Audio for a job well done. Keep up the great work. You’ve made a believer and a lifelong customer out of me!”

– Melvin Boyd, New Orleans, LA


“You guys repaired a 002R Signature that I bought used (that of course arrived [damaged].) I’ve done a few classical recordings that turned out great. I did my first remote rock drum session with it last night. You’re not joking, it smokes my 96i/o. Your customer service was excellent, and your product is rock solid. Thanks again.”

– Eric French


“My name is Matthew Breunig, a Berklee College of Music alumni, audio engineer, playback tech for the Killers, and monitor engineer for Brandon Flowers. I wanted to let you know about all the work I’ve been able to do with my Signature Series 002R. I do mention a couple of names in this email and while I was there for what they said I can’t have them quoted publicly unless I get the ok from them. Never the less I owe you guys a huge thank you and thought you’d like to hear who’s been impressed by your work.

…As all of your reviews say, I noticed an instant difference in the quality across all the frequency ranges. Tighter low end, smoother mids, crisp but nonabrasive highs, just excellent all around. I think it sounds bigger and more pleasing than the [Digi HD 192’s] I’ve been using for years.

Shortly after I got my 002R back I went to LA to work with an artist who was being produced by Thom Panunzio who now heads up Universal Music Group, (discography includes U2, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Deep Purple). The artist, along with her manager were trying to keep costs down so they decided since we had already demo’d out 4 songs in a house in Vegas (before my Signature Series Mod) that we’d do the same in LA. We brought my entire studio which at its heart was your Signature Series 002R and my Vintech Pre’s. I found out during the sessions that Thom was originally quite skeptical about how much we could actually do successfully at the house in LA with the gear we brought. Once we were far enough through the tracking that rough mixes were in order, Thom came back the next day and was so happy with how everything was sounding, he said, ‘Screw it, we don’t need to go into the studio, we’ll mix it here.’ In fact every day after a new rough mix was given to him, he pulled up in his convertible blaring the mixes and would walk in with a smile on his face.

A few months later another band named ‘Most Thieves’ needed an album-quality demo while I was on break from tour with the Killers. A couple of the Killers’ crew members and close friends formed the band. We tracked it entirely in the drummer’s old empty house as he was moving into a new one at the time. It was done with just the Signature 002R, Vintechs, an Avalon, and a Focusrite Producer Pack. Unfortunately we had to use a (product name omitted) for the other 8 inputs for 16 channels at once which we only used for the drums. Once it was all finished Thom Panunzio’s assistant, Evan Peters, also an engineer who works for Universal Music Group, heard the demos, asked the band members, “Matt did this? Damn he’s good.”

About these same recordings, the engineer who works at the Killer’s studio heard the demos and was very impressed. A client who was recording there at the time listened to the mixes in his Mercedes car stereo in the parking lot out front of the Killer’s studio and said to the drummer who showed him, “You did this in your house?! It sounds better than what I’m doing inside”. (I’m not knocking the Killer’s studio or engineer here, just saying what their original impressions were of the mixes).

And last but not least, Most Thieves needed a second batch of songs quickly just a couple months ago. We were in a time crunch due to an upcoming Killers show in London so we went to the studio in Las Vegas I’ve been working at for 12 years, tracked drums, bass, and a majority of the guitars there, then finished everything else back on the Signature 002R and my Vintech & Focusrite pres. The drummer for Most Thieves happens to be friends with a top mix engineer and producer in the industry and was told if he ever had anything that he thought was worth his time to send it to him. He called the drummer, they talked about the music for a bit, and then my friend asked him what he thought of the sound… he told him he thought it sounded great and he’d been listening to it all weekend. (I’d really like to tell you who it is but I can’t until I get the ok from him, but needless to say you’d be very happy to get that kind of praise from him).

Now I have done much more work with my new 002R other than these last examples but I thought you guys would like to know that at least two industry heavy hitters, one of which being one of the top mix engineers in the world, says that he thinks the work I have done sounds great and it was ALL ENTIRELY TRACKED AND MIXED with your Signature 002R. I don’t know any better compliment to your work at Black Lion Audio.

Your mods have enabled me to do all this with a minimum of expense and the flexibility to take my small control room of gear anywhere and give people final album quality material without stepping foot into a studio. All the mixes were done in the box and not even bussed out through a console, although I guess that’s the next step to see how much better it can really get.

If you’d like any audio samples I’d be more than happy to send them. I’ve even done some work entirely in the box in my bedroom only mic’ing up vocals that sounds pretty damn good for a fully in the box recording. Again, NONE of the stuff I’ve done would have sounded full out pro on my original 002R, not even close. You’ve given me the confidence to tell any of my clients that I can give them the highest professional quality recordings for a fraction of the costs of what I used to have to charge them for the full studio experience. Even my completely done-in-the-box tracking and mixes are pretty much album quality and I did a lot of it in my bedroom at home. HA!!!! A Very Heart Felt Thank You, Black Lion Audio.”

– Matt Breunig, Monitor Engineer/RADAR Tech, Brandon Flowers/The Killers




“After using my new Tweak Head mod for about three days now, I can honestly say this is hands down, the best investment I’ve ever made for my home studio. The a/d – d/a conversion is amazing, clarifying and tasteful with presence. Truly a rival to any HD setup I’ve experienced in terms of sound quality, but thirty times more affordable!

Makes my high-end outboard gear sound how it’s meant to, and it makes a lot of not-so-high-end pieces of gear a lot more exciting. Also makes plug-ins amazingly more accurate to the ear when tweaking parameters. The low end is so smooth and truthful, mids are natural and present. The highs are sizzling! The pre amps are very impressive and full of life compared to the stock pres. It has unbelievable stereo imaging that is true, all the way from zero to ten, and the master clock makes the stock clock look like a sun dial… [a] drastically noticeable difference. Even the headphone jack is crisp and drastically more detailed in quality…. [Props] to Black Lion Audio for making such an accomplishment and providing it within reach of people like me!!!! Especially during such trying times. Best money I [have] spent on gear in my life, hands down. I’m still pinching myself… good lookin’ out, ya’ll keep it up!

A.J. King


“I just wanted to thank you for the Tweakhead mod you recently did on my Digi-002 – to my ears there’s more headroom/less distortion, the high frequencies no longer sound ‘digital’ and the mic pres are much kinder to my microphones (Shoeps & Neumann).”

Matt Fretton, London, UK


“Amazing. It is so quiet, but when I sing, the headroom is amazing. It’s as if it gets more clear when I push or sing out louder where usually I would have clipping problems. I use a Rode NT1-A, which is a quiet mic to start with, but include the preamp upgrades and the A/D converter mods, I can’t believe my home studio sounds this good. Maybe others out there can point out where the sound could improve, but I’m totally satisfied. I got more than I expected and I expected much.”

Matt Morgan


“…I recorded vocals, keyboard parts and did some editing on [EMI recording artist, J Michael & W2’s last album] using my modified Tweak Head 002… His CD won the 2008 North East Grand prize [of the] Disc Makers Independent music world series… He was really blown away at the sound of my 002…”

Harry Conyers, Savion Studio, Orange, N.J.


“I have been a proud owner of a 002R Tweak Head Mod. When I got my unit back I could instantly hear a difference, more clarity, more depth. And I am not a professional engineer with golden ears! I am looking forward to the SSL Alpha Link Mod, as I am planning to upgrade soon.”


“What can I say: WOWWWWWW!!!

I’m not sure I’m having my real hardware; maybe you were wrong to give me back the right unit… or maybe is this a miracle? I can only say it’s incredible; from the details of the transients to the lower noise, from the tridimensional sound and phase coherence to the punchiness and attack!! Maybe this is from the clock improvements and the power supply, but the analog stage is very fantastic, the pres are very clear and they have gained a true natural High End that was not there before!! Now all sounds smooth, natural and no more harshness… The ambient from the far mics is pure and has a focus like never before!!

I compared 13 old drum tracks [previously recorded], with a new one made with my new [modded] 002R and just 5 mics. The result was absolutely [incomparable]: the old record was crushed, the ambients were out of the mix, and with constant phase cancellation. All the drums had bad attack, the highs were harsh and grainy, no dynamic and a limited headroom.

The new record was completely opposite: it had all the character and maintained intact transients giving it a gently and smooth waveform, like the Pro’s rule!!…

What else to say guys, it seems you made a great good work on this unit, I never repented about my choice, instead I feel like I never spent my money in a best way on an audio application. Congratulations from the deepest of my heart, you are very professional and you know how to make happy someone!! Please, let me tell you get what you deserve! Thank you very much and I hope making business with you one more time. Take care and best regards…”

Carlo Carbone, Italy


“Hey, my name is Andrew Ragin, I play in a band in Chicago called The Atlas Moth. In October we put out a record called “A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky” on Candlelight Records, which I tracked and mixed on a BLA Tweak Head 002R at Phase Recording Studios, and we just found out the album made Decibel Magazine’s top 40 albums of 2009. Thought you guys might like to know. Thanks so much for doing what you do.”

– Andrew Ragin, Phase Recording Studios, Chicago, IL


“Got my BLA-modded 002 hooked up yesterday. Fantastic work, folks! I’m listening to Al Green’s “Lay it down” right now and it sounds so good. I’ve never heard a difference like this before. Thank you so much for your service. If you need yet one more endorsement, you’ve got mine.”

– Jon Hildenstein, The Creamery Studio, Brooklyn, NY


“I CANNOT thank you guys enough for the amazing work you do, it’s such an amazing thing to mic up an instrument, record it, and play it back just as it sounded coming in on the input, thank you thank you thank you!!! With the clarity I have now, mixing time is definitely reduced, there’s so much more life to my recording sessions now!”

– Sean Snyder, Medford, OR




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