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MOD DATE: July 5th


Auteur MkII Review by Performer Magazine



“Inexpensive ‘industry standard’ mics, like SM57s and the like, sound even better than they ought to through [the Auteur MkII]!”

Read the full review, here!

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Bonedo Auteur MKII Review

Check out this great Auteur MKII review by Bonedo!

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SOS B173 & B12A MKII Reviews

The B173 & B12A MKII were reviewed by Sound On Sound!

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FutureMusic Micro Clock Mk3 Review

Check out FutureMusic’s review of the Micro Clock Mk3!  They loved it so much, they gave it a Power Award!

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MusicTech B12A MkII Review

Check out the latest B12A MkII review by MusicTech!

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Tape Op Micro Clock Mk3 Review

Check out Tape Op’s review of the Micro Clock Mk3!


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Check out this great FutureMusic review of the B173!

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AskAudio B173 Preamp Review

Click here to check out the latest B173 preamp review by AskAudio!

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Performer Mag B12A MkII Review

Check out the latest B12A MkII review by Performer Mag (click here)!

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AskAudio Mag White Sparrow ADC Review

Check out the latest review of the White Sparrow ADC from AskAudio Mag!

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Harmony Central B12A MkII Review

Check out the great review of the B12A MkII at Harmony Central!

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FutureMusic White Sparrow MkII Review

Check out the new FutureMusic White Sparrow MkII ADC Review! It earned a 95% Power Award!!!

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Tape Op B173 Mic Preamp Review

Check out the B173 review in the newest issue of Tape Op!

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Sound on Sound

Black Lion AM/CHA1: Does a ‘boutique’ approach to building outboard have to mean inflated prices? Not according to this manufacturer…
…This 2U-high, rackmounting unit, which extends roughly 145mm behind the rack ears, is all very old-school in concept and technology, but thoroughly modernised in construction with the use of surface-mount, integrated-circuit gain...Read More »


What a Difference a MicroClock Makes

I read reports that it improved the sound of live digital consoles, so I bought one to take on tour with the George Duke Band. It is “micro” sized and it fits nicely in my back pack along with all the other junk I need...Read More »

MIX Magazine

“I checked out the FM192 (“Fully Modified”) 192 I/O.This unit has all the functionality of the Digidesign 192, neither losing nor gaining any features of the original, although it sounds better—much better. The stock Pro Tools HD 192 is heavily filtered to keep unwanted noise out of the audio paths....Read More »