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MOD DATE: July 5th


New Mod - Apollo Twin MKII

The Apollo Twin MKII just got better.  Get new analog stages, cleaner conversion, and an optical output with our Premium Modification!

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May Mod Sale!

Time for some spring cleaning… of your audio path!

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Live in the Studio with SHADES

Going LIVE at SweetSounds Studio NYC with SHADES on Sunday @ 3PM EST. Be sure to tune in on our Facebook page!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!  We’re taking a short break, but will be back on 01/03/17!  See you then!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  We’re back on 12/27/16.  Woot!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving has an awesome time stuffing their faces!  Be sure to check out our b-stock sale once the food coma wears off!  See you all on Monday!

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B173 500

The B173 is now available in the 500 series format!

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Back to School Mod Sale

The Back to School sale goes live on Monday, August 1st!

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Music for Every Child

We teamed up with Foundations of Music to help students in Chicago Public Schools make music.  Students created the soundtrack for this video using B.L.A. gear.

Thanks to the students, instructors, and Foundations of Music – we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in...Read More »

NEW - Micro Clock MkIII XB!

After almost a year of testing the Micro Clock MkIII XB in the field, it’s finally ready for its debut!

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April Mod Sale

The April Mod Sale is now live!

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Sylvia Massy at NAMM

Another favorite from the Black Lion Audio booth at NAMM.  The amazing Sylvia Massy stopped by to pick up a Micro Clock MKIII!!!

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MCMK3 Giveaway Winners

Meet the winners!

1st Prize: Eric Cox, North Charleston, SC, USA
2nd Prize: Neil Young, San Jose, CA, USA
3rd Prize: Patrick Dixon, Chantilly, VA, USA

Congratulations to all winners!

Here’s to upping your audio game in 2016!

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Meet Tony Maserati

Tony Maserati will be announcing the winners of our Micro Clock MKIII Giveaway around 4pm on Saturday, January 23rd, at Booth #6324 in Hall A at NAMM! Be there!

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Come See Us at NAMM

We’ll be chilling in Hall A at Booth #6324 with WaveDistro, January 21st – 24th!  We’re running audio for the first time, so come give our gear a whirl.

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Win Tony Maserati's Signed MCMK3!

*Competition begins on January 4th at 12am CST, and ends on January 22nd at 11:59pm CST.  Good luck!

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Happy New Year

We’re taking tomorrow and Friday off.  Have a safe and happy new year!  See you all on Monday.  Cheers!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who’s celebrating!  We’re taking tomorrow and Friday off.  See you all on Monday!

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Micro Clock Mk3 Earns Power Award!


Check out FutureMusic’s review of the Micro Clock Mk3!  They loved it so much, they gave it a Power Award!

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New Pre & Post Mod Ratings!

Wondering which interface to modify?

We frequently get asked how one interface compares to another. Here’s a comprehensive list of how we rate each interface sonically before and after a modification.

The scale is from 1-10, with “1” being unimpressive audio quality and “10” being true audio excellence....Read More »

Holiday Sale

Happy Holidays from all of us at B.L.A.!  To celebrate, we’re offering the following discounts for the month of December:


$100 OFF – B173 & B12A MkII

$300 OFF – Sparrow MkII ADC & Sparrow DAC

25% OFF – Mods






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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner at B.L.A. provided by Begyle Brewing. Happy Thanksgiving! See you all Monday!

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Sparrow Facelift

The Sparrows just underwent surgery for a long-awaited FACELIFT!

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NEW - Auteur MkII Mic Pre!

We’re proud to announce the newly redesigned Auteur MkII microphone preamp! Price is $649. Check it out by clicking on the pic below:

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Prototype Interface Build!

We’re currently building the prototype interface!!!

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Antelope 10M / Micro Clock Mk3 Shootout!

Check out this shootout (hosted on Gearslutz) between the Antelope Audio 10M/Trinity, Micro Clock Mk3, & Micro Clock Mk3 XB done by Dale Becker at Bernie Becker Mastering! Clock assignments will be revealed after sufficient polling! (Photo by Dale Becker)

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Micro Clock Mk3 zZounds Shootout!

Check out the results of zZounds‘ Micro Clock Mk3 shootout!

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Macklemore & Black Lion Audio!

Jon Castelli at Mirrorball Entertainment expertly mixed “Downtown” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis using a Sparrow MkII ADC, Sparrow DAC, and Micro Clock Mk3! Sounds AMAZING! Check out the official video if you haven’t already: Read More »

NEW - B12A MkII 500!

We’re proud to announce the launch of the B12A MkII 500! It’s a 500 series version of the ever-so-popular B12A MkII, and will make all the other preamps in your lunchbox® jealous!


Registered trademarks belong to Automated Processes, Inc.

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NEW - Mod Ratings List!

Click here for a full list of mod ratings!

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Warner Bros. Entertainment & Micro Clock Mk3

“My sound mixes are in better focus using the BLA Micro Clock MarkIII” – Brian Risner, Post Production Sound at Warner Bros. Entertainment


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Mod Sale! Final Week!


Final week of Back 2 School Sale! Mods are 20% off! Ends 8/31! Don’t miss out!

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Win a B12A MkII Preamp!

Join us in celebrating the launch of AskAudio‘s new website with a MASSIVE MUSIC GEAR CONTEST! Enter now for a chance to win a B12A MkII Preamp!

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Apollo 8 Sound Samples

We now have sound samples available of a modified Universal Audio Apollo 8 (black).  The samples consist of a stock unit, a modified unit, and a modified unit being clocked to a Micro Clock Mk3.  We ran the samples out of the D/A side of each Apollo 8, then back...Read More »

Direct Product Sales

Free shipping, extended warranty, and hassle-free returns when you buy PRODUCTS direct!

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Back 2 School MOD SALE!

Goes live at midnight CST! Don’t miss out!

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Micro Clock Mk3 gets Jazzy!

We’re excited and honored to have played a small part in this amazing-sounding recording (White Sparrow ADC & DAC, and Micro Clock MkIII). Be sure to check out the credits listed below. Huge shout out to our friends at Mirrorball Entertainment and Bernie Becker Mastering! Keep...Read More »

Micro Clock Mk3 Goes On Tour!

The Micro Clock Mk3 is going on a massive tour with Rob Killenberger! It’s light/compact for the road, but HEAVY on sound! Godspeed, Rob!

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B173 Power Award

We had an awesome time staging these photos for the B173 FutureMusic Power Award!

Check out the B173 here!

Check out the FutureMusic B173 Review here!


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Happy 4th of July!

We are closed in observance of Independence Day on Friday, July 3rd.  Happy 4th!

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Phil Tan Goes B.L.A.

BLA-modified Avid interfaces in Phil Tan’s studio!

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Micro Clock MkIII Meets Selena Gomez

Check out this amazing Mirrorball Entertainment mix done with the Micro Clock MkIII:

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New Global Distribution

Huge welcome to our new distribution partners around the globe! Take a look to see if they’re near you:

Audio Media Education​ – India
Benjamin Pro Audio​ – South Africa
Big Ben Audio Research – France
Unity Audio Ltd​ –...Read More »


AVAILABLE NOW: MICRO CLOCK MKIII ($999)! The best word clock to hit the market since the Micro Clock MkII! More details at

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B.L.A. @ Ultra Music Festival

Huge drops were delivered to the FOH mains by a White Sparrow DAC at Ultra Music Festival in Miami!


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B.L.A. Has Moved!

We decided it was time for a change, especially one that involved less efflorescence (white powder) leaking from our walls and provided us with the layout needed for our future R&D and production requirements.  As a result, we are now located...Read More »

Sale - Final Day!

Today is the final day of our annual tax season sale! Don’t miss out! Ends at 12am CST! Check it out at


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Workin’ it all day at Musikmesse with Audiowerk – Hall 5.1, Stand E78, just across the aisle from Avid. Come say hi!



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Tax Season SALE!

Our April Tax Season SALE is now live!  Go to to check out the deals!

20% OFF – Modifications
$100 OFF – Auteur
$100 OFF – Micro Clock Mk2


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Tony Maserati Video

Tony Maserati talks about how the Sparrow DAC and Micro Clock MkII help him mix some of music’s biggest hits!

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NAMM Video

Here’s a walk-through of our product line at NAMM. More videos coming soon on our YouTube channel

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Harmony Central Reviews the B12A MkII

Check out the great review of the B12A MkII at Harmony Central!


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White Sparrow MkII ADC Wins!

The White Sparrow MkII ADC won the FutureMusic 2014 Gear Of The Year Award for Analog-To-Digital Converter! Super pumped! Here’s the full lineup:

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B.L.A. Transforms into A.A. Meeting for Video Shoot

B.L.A.’s very own “Lonewolf” turned the shop into an A.A. meeting for his “Stain” video. Tracked on an 003r XB mod. Check it!

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Tom Lord-Alge Uses Sparrow ADC On 2 Mix

Here’s a quote by Tom Lord-Alge from the January 2015 issue of Sound On Sound​. Read the full article at:

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Gear Gods NAMM Video

Gear Gods took a tour of B.L.A. at NAMM.  Check out the video!


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Micro Clock Mk3 @ NAMM 2015!

Come see the new generation of Micro Clock at booth #6324 in Hall A!

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zZounds B173 Video

Here’s a video on the B173 from our friends at zZounds:
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B.L.A. @ the Grammys

Check out this Grammy Nominated Best Children’s Album tracked/mixed by a customer of ours on a modified 003r!

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Happy New Year!

We’re going to start the year off right.  We’ll be closed on JAN 1, but will be back on JAN 2.  We hope you do the same.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We are officially closed for the holiday.  We’ll be back on Monday, DEC 29.  Enjoy!

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Apogee Duet 2 & Apollo Twin Mods Now Available!

We’re excited to announce the most recent additions to our mod lineup – the Apogee Duet 2 and Apollo Twin!

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New artists page is now live!

Check it out!  We’ll be working on adding more artists soon!

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Holiday Sale at Black Lion Audio!

Happy Holidays from all of us at B.L.A.! Get the sound you really want this holiday season! Celebrate with some of the greatest discounts of the year:

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B12A MkII Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that the B12A MkII is now available through your favorite pro audio dealers! With a titillating CineMag input transformer, less noise, and more API-style gain than ever before, the B12A MkII will sweeten your preamp collection for years to come!

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Sale! Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

It’s that time of year again…Black Lion Audio presents our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!

– 4 days of unbelievable discounts

– 25% OFF all mods, all 4 days

– B-stock gear at amazing prices

Sale begins at Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ll be closed on NOV 27.  Don’t forget to check back on Friday, NOV 28 for some incredible Black Friday deals!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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NAMM 2014

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be presenting at NAMM 2014!  This is our first official NAMM show, so we’re looking forward to adding some BLA flavor to the mix.  Be sure to check us out with PMC in Hall A, Booth #6598!  We’ll be there January 23-26.  See you...Read More »

Tony Maserati mixes it up with Lady Gaga

Several tracks on the new Lady Gaga album were mixed by Tony Maserati and crew on our FM192. Look for the single “You and I,” which features Brian May of Queen on guitar.

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New album Released by Tyler Ramsey

The new album by Tyler Ramsey (of Band of Horses’ fame) has been released on Fat Possum Records.

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Announcing the NEW BLA PM8mkII

We are excited to announce that the new BLA PM8mkII begins shipping on Monday 3/18!!! They will be available directly from us or through one of our retailers for $1199 + shipping.

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Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 Mod Looks Promising

Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 mod…looks very promising. It uses the XMOS USB2 chipset and CS4272 converter chip (same as Ensemble and L56). We were very impressed by how good it sounded after we modified it.

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Steinberg MR816 Added to Mods List

Looks like we’ll be adding the Steinberg MR816’s to our list of interfaces we modify. It’s a box with a lot of potential–AK5385 converters, Dice 2 chipset, and lots of processing power…

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Swift and Pink BLA Conversions

BLA conversion on Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” and Pink’s “Are We All We Are.” Woot!”

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Prince Returns Our FM192

After a long hiatus, one of our FM192’s is coming home. It’s been with Prince, getting used to record a new album. We hope it inspired him to make an epic work…like “I Wanna Be Your Lover” or “Purple Rain” …kinda epic.

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Alison Krauss and Union Station Heading into the Studio

Alison Krauss and Union Station is heading into the studio in January to record a new album. Once again, they’re choosing BLA for conversion, although this time we’ll be putting the new XB clock with femto-second range jitter output in the FM192’s they’re using. This clock has frequency accuracy that...Read More »

New Mods on the Way

We’ve got some new mods on the way…Focusrite Liquid 56, Saffire 40, Echo Audiofire 12, Avid HD, and Avid Omni!

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Alison Krauss and Union Station's Album Paper Airplanes Awarded Grammy

Alison Krauss and Union Station’s album Paper Airplanes was awarded the Grammy for “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical”.

Congrats to AKUS, Mike Shipley, Neil Cappellino, and Brad Blackwood, and thanks from all of us at BLA. We appreciate the fact that you took a chance on us!

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Jeff Pringle Video Blog

Jeff Pringle posted this video blog of his FOH rig he uses for pop-sensation Camryn on tour.

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A/B shoot-out!

We just finished a completely blind A/B shoot-out with the guys at Bernie Grundman Mastering of our White Sparrow mk2 and the Lavry AD122 Gold. On 24 bit transfers as well as 16 bit dithers, they were neck and neck. Half of the crowd picked the White Sparrow mk2, and...Read More »